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Ulidavaru Kandanthay


Poster Courtesy: Wiki

Here comes another experiment from the team of SOLS. A debutant director “Richie” amazes us with his dream child UK.

There are many things in this movie that I am impressed with and want to share. I may fail to give a structural review in the process, but who cares. 😛 When was the structure fun? 😛

The Narration

First segment of the movie sets every mood that is required for us to settle down and at the same time get curious about the plot. The story telling here is a smart trick with the right mixture of fact, fantasy and music. Couldn’t help but notice the Django feel, may be an inspiration, nevertheless perfect beginning. With second segment enter “Richie” the super star of UK. He makes you to laugh, to giggle, suddenly gets serious and along with humour eventually steals the show. In the following segments there comes the emotions of Mother Sentiment, Tara at her best, PranayaRaja in a never seen appearance with his silent romantic love interest and finally Kaaki, at this point it gets a little slow, might be intended to give you some free time to check messages and eat those pop-corn and within no time a brilliant track “Final Showdown” follows to end, twining the threads and leaving the questions.