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Royal city … Mysore (2/2)

Conntinued from here

I was having a SOUND sleep.. The deewana was really cosy and the light never bothered me at all.. Guess the single shot of scotch inside was taking its toll.. Something smoothly comes in the air and makes a gentle landing on my back and after a moment, soft fingers start to dance on my feet.. It was then I came out of my mis-assumption that it was another dream, only to realise that the UNO enjoying gang has finally taken a break from their game and have decided to wake me up hook or crook. Needless to mention that the soft thing was a pillow and it dint land gently, but thrown upon me in rage. Well however ‘Legends’ about my sleep never go wrong, so  they gave up and went back to their game leaving me to enjoy my sleep for the rest of the night after 15 20 mins!!