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Break Free

One step and we are into the new world, the world of our passions, the world of our dreams, the world we waited and fantasized throughout the journey.

The one step it al takes. One significant step.

Yet we fail in taking the one step, when life gives us ample opportunities. We fail to take the decision to break free out of things that hold us back.

No matter how big we dream, realizing it all begins with the ONE STEP.

A story of a Seagull and a Frog

I came accross this story While I was reading “The Winner Stands Alone” by Paulo recently and it moved me so much that I couldn’t resist myself of posting it here. The more thought I give to it the more it is revealing. Have a great read and kindly share your implications.

So here goes The Seagull and the Frog

A Seagull was flying over a beach, when it saw a frog. It flew down and asked the frog:

“Where are your wings?”