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Ret 3: Diwali blast in Mumbai


Lighting the Lamps

Lighting the Lamps

With all our ventures in the city, time was passing so fast. We never realized how fast the initial 10 days have passed on. The festive spirit (or the cloud of Gunpowder smoke) was rising in the airs of Mumbai. Yes, it was Diwali time and Our Diwali in Kharghar is an unforgettable experience in our lives. All the girls of our group had made big plans for the celebration. “Pooja, Puliyogre, Photo session and Pataki”. (A perfect festival plan).

Pooja was so well planned and arranged. Some idols of god and photos were neatly kept with incense sticks, camphor everything. (I still wonder who among them has bought it!!!). Bhavana sung a very melodius devotional song, which carried us away for a while.

Ret 2:First Day in Khargar

That day we woke up quite late as usual, and started unpacking the baggage with all the snack stuff that’s left over from the train. There was a knock on the door and the house keeping guys came in and cleaned the whole apartment, changed the bedspreads and folded our towels too.. Then we got a call from Vasundhara (will be using that term quite a lot to address our girls staying at that apartments) that we are needed to assemble there for a breakfast and quick briefing. So we guys left in a hurry and reached there to see a bunch of 100 similar SISLers from different parts of INDIA, mostly flocking according to their regions. All Mallu’s in one place, Goans at one corner and Tamilians at another. We Kannadigas outnumbered them and had mostly grouped ourselves wrt our colleges.  Sandwich was served for breakfast along with Maharashtrain local Vada-Pav, with Coffee and Tea.

Ret 1:Arriving at Mumbai..

We, all the SISLers of SJBIT left to Mumbai together. The journey from Bangalore to Mumbai was by train and had booked our tickets in Udyan Express which took off during the night and landed us in Mumbai the next evening. It was a gang of 13, Me with Manoj the green man, Divya the topper, Vinod the jersey boy, Divya the B V, CeeKay Shwetha, Malli malli Shreya, valli valli Srivalli, anna Arun, Sweet to all Bala, darlingly delicate Sourabha cutest Bhavana and only guy from IS Harish. Only Bhavana opted to fly to pune to her cousins and later joined us at Kharghar (A nodal city of Raighad district, Navi Mumbai where our company was located). There were other SISLers on board too 3 of whom we had met at Wockhardt during our medical check-up, brilliant Anitha, decent Teju, girl from Mysore Varshitha and the unknown guy Rajath. There was also beautiful Lakshmi Napa who joined us in the next station.

The city MUMBAI

The city Mumbai, previously known as Bombay, is one of the very famous cities in INDIA. Famous for its own reasons and renowned for its own cultures and beauty. It is The city of business, The city of movies, The city of coasts and THE CITY OF INDIA. Till date Mumbai has been shelter and inspiration for many notable works of art and literature, right from the ancient times to present day SLUMDOG. Mumbai as a city hosts people from different dialects, religion and culture. It also has people from different CLASS of society in its belly. The name Mumbai also remembers us many incidents of the history that denies getting away from the human memory. May it be the communal conflicts of 90’s or the furious bomb blasts or even the recent TERROR ATTACKS. Mumbai, as a city also has another face which is famously known as UNDERWORLD. It has witnessed many DONs, and the System they run like a parallel Government from decades in its heart, which undoubtedly exists even till date and will remain till the city exists. With all this Mumbai is still the city of INDIA where true spirit of life remains and it is still an attraction for every human being, hard to overcome.