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Ret 2:First Day in Khargar

That day we woke up quite late as usual, and started unpacking the baggage with all the snack stuff that’s left over from the train. There was a knock on the door and the house keeping guys came in and cleaned the whole apartment, changed the bedspreads and folded our towels too.. Then we got a call from Vasundhara (will be using that term quite a lot to address our girls staying at that apartments) that we are needed to assemble there for a breakfast and quick briefing. So we guys left in a hurry and reached there to see a bunch of 100 similar SISLers from different parts of INDIA, mostly flocking according to their regions. All Mallu’s in one place, Goans at one corner and Tamilians at another. We Kannadigas outnumbered them and had mostly grouped ourselves wrt our colleges.  Sandwich was served for breakfast along with Maharashtrain local Vada-Pav, with Coffee and Tea.