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RIP, dear sister. I have FAILED you.

blackI logged into my FB and it asks “How are you feeling, Suhas?” what shall I say? I am fighting a bad fever and sore throat from morning and I remember the news about the girl passing away that I heard in half-sleep of morning and another one that the maximum possible punishment for the people responsible is ONLY a 3 year imprisonment, are disturbing me. They will walk away freely by 2016? probably the main accused would get onto his drivers seat and start driving the same bus. How I should feel?? I feel my blood boiling, very sure that its not the fever. And what do I do about it? I rant here, on my blog till the feeling subsides, have a hot meal and take a tablet and sleep. Of all my health is important. Its new year around the corner, I have a trip planned and I must make to it.

Mera Bhaarat Mahaan

Its august 15th again.. The great day on which we got our Independence. Its been more than 50 years.. But still many questions remain unanswered. Many issues still remain not addressed.. NO!! I am not being cynical here.. I still remember my last years post and I still agree on each word I wrote. Ya, its a day of celebration.. It’s a day of feeling proud of what was achieved.  But it also turns out to be a day on which we should ask ourselves many things.. Where this country going?? Where are we heading to?? What is happening around?? Is it acceptable?? Is it not the time we raise??