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GoechaLa trekking – The plan

The Inception:

The plan for Dec 2013 winter Himalayan trekking had failed miserably. Half for my fear of December cold and half for unavailability of leaves. Nams was upset. This time she did not want to take chance and booked her slot with IndiaHikes when Vikas shared the details with her for the great GoechaLa trekking expedition. When the news was broke to me, my situation was no different from previous year, but somehow I made up my mind and got on board (October was a relief though 😉 ). I badly needed a vacation after all the stress of setting up new home and getting along in new project and responsibilities at work. Right away, I blocked my slot with IH and did a quick check with my TravelFreaks group. Yash, Keerti, Pramod and Vishwa showed interest, but within those 2 days, all remaining slots in that batch were filled out with IH and they even had given away my blocked slot. 🙁 I was not very convinced in going with third party from beginning, and this added more fuel to my discomfort. I took up the challenge and proposed that we will plan and execute this trek all by ourselves under the banner of TravelFreaks. With little convincing and discussion both Nams and Vikas finally agreed and a basic skeleton plan was formed on the footpath or Jayanagar next to Ganesh Darshan, munching Masaladosa’s and sipping hot coffees.

Sar Pass 3: Kasol base camp, YHAI

Neatly spread out kasol base camp @kullu, HP

Neatly spread out kasol base camp @kullu, HP

After a sleepy exciting early morning journey for almost 2 hours we reached Kasol. The cold was pleasant and journey was filled with some magnificent view of snow clad mountains. Base camp at Kasol, was spread over a vast land which hosted around 20 big tents that could hold 15 people each, a kitchen, dining area and a campfire gathering area. It also had 2 bathrooms with 24 hour supply of “chilling” cold water from river Parbati flowing just few meters away. All the first timers at YHAI were shockingly astonished by the view of tents, including me.

Sar Pass 2: First view of Snow

At Delhi Airport

A plan must be made like never before, meeting all expectations, but on the day it should go for a toss and the journey should take us in its own way. This is the essence of travel, as I see it. We spent days looking into map, checking bus schedules, observing the weather forecast and finally had decided to pay a visit to Aksharadham temple before boarding our bus to Manali. But all we did was to travel in metro, have stomach full of Biryani and sleep in a AC room. Well, that was Delhi for us. The temperature was so high and our bags were so heavy that as soon as Adi proposed the plan to go to his friend’s place, with no much confusion we accepted. The room and sleep was so cozy that I had to literally pull people out of bed to reach to our boarding point, Chanderlok building on time. God only knew where it was.

Sar Pass 1, Thus it began!

It all started with a mail from Sana. Envied by their Goa trip, I did not want to miss another YHAI expedition. Moreover, I wanted to do an expedition which challenges and pushes me to the limits. So I readily replied with a Yes and our hunt for team building began. Surprisingly, most of the TravelFreaks replied positively and few remain confused. A thought that this might be bigger and difficult compared to our previous travel started to take its toll on my planning and I started sending out mails detailing every minute of  what to do’s and where to go’s. But after a brief session of advice and two coffee’s at Kalmane koffee, by Sana, Manoj and Adi, I decided to finally drop all the planning stuff this time and chill out as much possible.

Royal city … Mysore (2/2)

Conntinued from here

I was having a SOUND sleep.. The deewana was really cosy and the light never bothered me at all.. Guess the single shot of scotch inside was taking its toll.. Something smoothly comes in the air and makes a gentle landing on my back and after a moment, soft fingers start to dance on my feet.. It was then I came out of my mis-assumption that it was another dream, only to realise that the UNO enjoying gang has finally taken a break from their game and have decided to wake me up hook or crook. Needless to mention that the soft thing was a pillow and it dint land gently, but thrown upon me in rage. Well however ‘Legends’ about my sleep never go wrong, so  they gave up and went back to their game leaving me to enjoy my sleep for the rest of the night after 15 20 mins!!

Royal city … Mysore (1/2)

The royal city of “Mysore” is a grand jewel in the crown of Karnataka. The more I visit this place the more I fall in love with it. This time the visit to this beautiful city was more special in many ways than my previous ones.

Right from our first ever trip of “Rottikallu”, the game of UNO has been an integral source of fun for everyone in our group (recently got itself named as “Travel Freaks”). It became so addictive among ourselves that even when we were getting out for lunch or leisure breaks, we used to take our bunch of cards with us, and were resuming after we are back. But recently as the trip motives drifted slowly from recreation to adventure, the concentration on the game was reducing (not completely stopped though) only because of the timing issues. Finally in the previous “Bekal” jaunt, we decided that it would be fair on our part to entirely dedicate a weekend to the game and planned the big “UNO NIGHT” to be held at Sana’s own house in Mysore. So our journey to Mysore thus began.