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Mera Bhaarat Mahaan

Its august 15th again.. The great day on which we got our Independence. Its been more than 50 years.. But still many questions remain unanswered. Many issues still remain not addressed.. NO!! I am not being cynical here.. I still remember my last years post and I still agree on each word I wrote. Ya, its a day of celebration.. It’s a day of feeling proud of what was achieved.  But it also turns out to be a day on which we should ask ourselves many things.. Where this country going?? Where are we heading to?? What is happening around?? Is it acceptable?? Is it not the time we raise??

Break Free

One step and we are into the new world, the world of our passions, the world of our dreams, the world we waited and fantasized throughout the journey.

The one step it al takes. One significant step.

Yet we fail in taking the one step, when life gives us ample opportunities. We fail to take the decision to break free out of things that hold us back.

No matter how big we dream, realizing it all begins with the ONE STEP.

The true Indian Spirit

So, again it’s time for August 15th spirit. Time to post the tiny Indian tricolor flag wherever possible. Spreading the famous freedom and patriotism quotes/messages among all the known ones. Tweets, Inbox, Mailbox everywhere its INDIA INDIA. “I love my India”. “Proud to be an Indian” and all such statements are used without being understood. All Radio and TV channels play every existing songs and movies on India and Freedom. Some go a step further and even make documentaries on the day’s legend. Yet after all the glory, the day will pass and on 16th dawn people will wake up to the same old monotony. A minute spent on thoughts about nation, delays in catching the cab or dropping off the child to school or talking to a friend. Now no one has that much time. Pacing up with the reality seems more important. Eventually we will forget the pomp, till Aug 15th Next year.

A story of a Seagull and a Frog

I came accross this story While I was reading “The Winner Stands Alone” by Paulo recently and it moved me so much that I couldn’t resist myself of posting it here. The more thought I give to it the more it is revealing. Have a great read and kindly share your implications.

So here goes The Seagull and the Frog

A Seagull was flying over a beach, when it saw a frog. It flew down and asked the frog:

“Where are your wings?”

Dreamz Unlimited..

Dreams are the very vital part of our living. Dreams are those which wont let us sleep. Dreams are the one’s which drive us to think of the unthinkable and push us out of our performance boundaries. Dreams are the one’s which wont let us rest even after achieving it, by making us to progress towards next milestone. In the…