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Keep walking

Life seems to be a long journey with many destinations and many stop overs. Sometimes it so happens that I start to enjoy the journey more than the destination. I start to like the movement and the disturbance that it causes. Even as a child, I used to enjoy all those rides in auto to home back in the evenings after a roam around in the city with parents. I also have a blur memory that many times I was excited to go out only thinking about the auto ride. May be that part of me has evolved into a more mature (eh.. kiddish is apt) sense that I continue to enjoy the ride of life now.

A long weekend

Its been a while since I blogged. Being in the writing mood for 3 continuous days, thought why should not I also blog. So here it goes, the next instalment of Celebrations. Thanks to BharatBandh, my planned long weekend of 4 days is cut short to 3 days as I had to work on Saturday. Also TravelFreaks were really busy in their own commitments to utilise the 4day long weekend for a trip and I was locked in home. I spent it all by relishing the yummy home made food, gymming in the evening, watching TV and constantly refreshing the FB page. I cant think of a time I was so jobless for a recent past. Such times definitely demand some pleasant reading and believe me it did happen. The new OSHO book I am reading took me to complete different levels of thinking. Anyway I could not read it full as the depth of thoughts it was triggering was too much to handle and needed some time actually to process them. (Wiat for a post about that soon) So restricted my reading to a strict two hours in the early hours of morning. (as early as 9 😛 ).


Was it just a chemistry?? It was a day way back in 1979, SU had the least of an idea what all future had got for her in the mystery bag, when she first saw VI. Was it his appearance, his charms, his personality or was it something above human perception that grabbed all of her attention and captured the…

January 31st, 2010

Well its been really long that I have written anything in the blog. The thought was killing me from a week now and finally I am here, writing this. I am sitting in front of my screen with no ideas and agendas as what to write. Probably I might just end up accounting what was I upto these 90 days. 😉

Few things kept me very occupied that I was unable to dedicate some time to the writing. Though the year 2009 is not my personal favourite, as it was not as good as other previous years, I see it as the days of challenge. The days which made me stronger. May it be the case of Layoff from Siemens, or those 6 idle months I spent doing nothing which still has its tinge of effects adhering to me and the next 4 months I spent on working with drupal, though all this had its own disappointments with it, still these are the days of my life I remember throughout for making me understand and accept my shortcomings, had really convinced me to find ways to deal with my complexities that I had gathered in the journey. It was tough and It is passed on now, like any other situation. 🙂

My 23rd Birthday

Nov 3, this 2009 just turned out to be very special. Of all the other usual celebritive reasons in the crown, the feather, that I stayed home with parents for this birthday had made it more special.

A graceful hug from dad and mom’s sweet kiss at 12 in the night , made the moment more cherishing than all the midnight parties and cake cuts. Thanks to my bad health (why because I was home) that I got this opportunity to recreate those cherishing moments just like  old birthdays. 🙂

The day is just a recap of the older birthdays. Early morning visit to my favorite temple with loving parents, My favorite Bisibelebath and Jamoon for the feast and catching up with some friends.