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The 3 virtues

I had just finished my morning Sadhana and it was one of the days where my body-mind complex was struggling to cope with the trauma of having to deal with a challenging conflict. A knowledge sheet appeared in one of the whatsapp groups, like a wake up call from master – THE WAY OUT OF SORROW If you are unhappy…

In brief!

thirty years since this birth
accumulation of many moments
some lived with awareness
some lost in ignorance

thirty years since this birth
accumulation of many people
some remain a long acquaintance
some fade away in short durations

Khushwant Singh

khushwant_singhThose were the days when I used to read and follow Ravi Belegere very feverishly. Every piece of article written by him in “Hi Bengaluru” and “O Manase” magazines,  every one of his books published, anything and everything associated with him never used to go missed. It is through his writings I got introduced to writers like Jogi, Chalam, Malagaonkar, Ramachandra Guha, Ruskin Bond, William Dalrymple and many more. Khushwant Singh was one such writer I came across and got glued to since then. With each passing book, I got more and more interested towards his writing and towards the man himself. I got greatly impressed by his witty narrative, strong vocabulary, bold and straight forward writing.

Donate, Help save Nature

If not for nature, we wouldn’t have been here today. We are taking a lot more of it, than what we are supposed to. Every single step taken towards conserving it, no matter how small it is, counts a lot. I have taken an oath and I am running on 19th for my cause to save and conserve nature. You…