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Go for your dreams!

A famous quote goes like this –

The only thing between you and your dream is YOU.

Often we have tendencies to blame it on X, Y and Z which are stopping us, which are strongly holding us back from achieving what we want. We are experts in this. After all it’s always easy to blame external factors, isn’t it? However, if we try to open up a little to ourselves and dive deeper into those reasons, we will realise that, it’s always the “I” that is stopping us and not the external factors. First step towards achievement is to accept this and next is to work towards it.

GoechaLa trekking – The plan

The Inception:

The plan for Dec 2013 winter Himalayan trekking had failed miserably. Half for my fear of December cold and half for unavailability of leaves. Nams was upset. This time she did not want to take chance and booked her slot with IndiaHikes when Vikas shared the details with her for the great GoechaLa trekking expedition. When the news was broke to me, my situation was no different from previous year, but somehow I made up my mind and got on board (October was a relief though 😉 ). I badly needed a vacation after all the stress of setting up new home and getting along in new project and responsibilities at work. Right away, I blocked my slot with IH and did a quick check with my TravelFreaks group. Yash, Keerti, Pramod and Vishwa showed interest, but within those 2 days, all remaining slots in that batch were filled out with IH and they even had given away my blocked slot. 🙁 I was not very convinced in going with third party from beginning, and this added more fuel to my discomfort. I took up the challenge and proposed that we will plan and execute this trek all by ourselves under the banner of TravelFreaks. With little convincing and discussion both Nams and Vikas finally agreed and a basic skeleton plan was formed on the footpath or Jayanagar next to Ganesh Darshan, munching Masaladosa’s and sipping hot coffees.

Ulidavaru Kandanthay


Poster Courtesy: Wiki

Here comes another experiment from the team of SOLS. A debutant director “Richie” amazes us with his dream child UK.

There are many things in this movie that I am impressed with and want to share. I may fail to give a structural review in the process, but who cares. 😛 When was the structure fun? 😛

The Narration

First segment of the movie sets every mood that is required for us to settle down and at the same time get curious about the plot. The story telling here is a smart trick with the right mixture of fact, fantasy and music. Couldn’t help but notice the Django feel, may be an inspiration, nevertheless perfect beginning. With second segment enter “Richie” the super star of UK. He makes you to laugh, to giggle, suddenly gets serious and along with humour eventually steals the show. In the following segments there comes the emotions of Mother Sentiment, Tara at her best, PranayaRaja in a never seen appearance with his silent romantic love interest and finally Kaaki, at this point it gets a little slow, might be intended to give you some free time to check messages and eat those pop-corn and within no time a brilliant track “Final Showdown” follows to end, twining the threads and leaving the questions.

Donate, Help save Nature

If not for nature, we wouldn’t have been here today. We are taking a lot more of it, than what we are supposed to. Every single step taken towards conserving it, no matter how small it is, counts a lot. I have taken an oath and I am running on 19th for my cause to save and conserve nature. You…

Simple agondu story..

Simple, simply beautiful.

soalsI saw a short film “Simpalagondu love story” quite a few months back as it went viral over net. Admired the work and simplicity in the narration, which justified the name. A few days later I heard the news which said about a movie being shot by the same team with the same name. I was shocked. I told myself and to my friends with whom I discussed a lot about this “short film” which was actually a trailer for the movie, that this director is making a big mistake by expanding this into a full length movie. Though the critique in me was not ready to expect a outstanding one, the optimist within was eagerly waiting for this to come.

RIP, dear sister. I have FAILED you.

blackI logged into my FB and it asks “How are you feeling, Suhas?” what shall I say? I am fighting a bad fever and sore throat from morning and I remember the news about the girl passing away that I heard in half-sleep of morning and another one that the maximum possible punishment for the people responsible is ONLY a 3 year imprisonment, are disturbing me. They will walk away freely by 2016? probably the main accused would get onto his drivers seat and start driving the same bus. How I should feel?? I feel my blood boiling, very sure that its not the fever. And what do I do about it? I rant here, on my blog till the feeling subsides, have a hot meal and take a tablet and sleep. Of all my health is important. Its new year around the corner, I have a trip planned and I must make to it.