The 3 virtues

I had just finished my morning Sadhana and it was one of the days where my body-mind complex was struggling to cope with the trauma of having to deal with a challenging conflict.

A knowledge sheet appeared in one of the whatsapp groups, like a wake up call from master –

If you are unhappy you better check if one or all of these are lacking:
Tapas is agreeing with the moment, total acceptance of pleasant or unpleasant situations.
Vairagya means I want nothing and I am nothing.
Sharanagati is “I am here for You, for Your joy.”
All these three purify your mind and uplift you in joy.
Jai guru dev.

Well I had no choice but to reflect.

The mind went on chasing question after question, taking the awareness deeper and thus establishing and making the connection stronger with Self.


Yes! there is resistance. It is very much noticeable.

What am I resisting? Am I resisting this moment or this situation that has unfolded?


Am I the reason for this situation?

Is it because of my choice(s)?  If so, why should I resist? I have chosen it and I am the reason. I have to deal with it.

Is it not a consequence of my choice(s)? Then what can I do about it?I have to rather deal with it too.

If I know what to do, I will put my 100% effort. If I don’t, I will seek help. If it is beyond my control, what is the point in resisting it in first place? I have to let it be.

Am I getting overwhelmed with my situation. Is it my doing.?

Isn’t it bestowed by Grace? Let me take a moment to feel the gratitude for all that overwhelming joy. 🙏


What is it that I want in this life?

Yesterday it was something material.. a phone, a house, a car or a girl friend..

Today it may be something else.. joy, peace of mind, care, understanding, love..

Tomorrow it could be something totally different..

The wants keep changing. Desires never wear out. I want this, I want that, I want to become this, I want to achieve that.. Uff.

Pause for a moment.. and Reflect..

do I have everything I need? what is the lack.. where is the lack..

Mind you!! ‘need’, not the ‘want’.

Isn’t it always there.

What you needed yesterday was there. What you need today is there. What you need tomorrow will be there too.. Then why am I struggling for wants. I just have to keep doing what I am supposed to do and I will always have what I need. Isn’t it that simple?

I am full. I am nothing.

There is no lack here..

Purnamadam purnamidam purnaat purna mudachyate.. 🙏


I am provided with all I need.

I am always being taken care of.

Even every momentary need of me is being addressed right this moment.

I am provided with Prana (life force).. I am provided with Anna (food).. I am provided with Jnaana (knowledge).. I am provided with Prema (love).. I have been given a Dharma (righteousness) to live as well.

All is done for me..

When I know everything is a happening, and it is always taking me towards good, why am I struggling.

Why should I get lost in this ego trip?

I am not the doer. I am not in control.. I am only a witness.

Let me play my role that is given to me..

May I not try to hold the strings.. Let me just dance, but not trying to decide the tune. 🙏

Knowledge has the power to uplift us from any situation, if we are open and receptive.

Hope this post helps one and all.


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