Let it go!

Attachments work strangely. Without our knowledge, most of the time, we attach ourselves to a lot of things. We take them to be ours. We own it or constantly keep trying to. A feeling of possession rises within us. This obsessiveness always comes with a fear – the fear of losing – sometimes losing the whole and sometimes losing in parts. With this fear, comes sorrow and pain.

‘Letting go’ is a way to work around this sorrow and pain. It need not be a process of abandoning, but it must be a process of dis-associating with the feeling of possession, yet appreciating the presence. (If it demands abandoning, so be it). As we start to let go of things and disassociate with the feeling of possession, the sense of ownership among us dies, so is the fear of loosing. eventually freeing us of the misery.

letitgoCertain things, which are truly ours, independent of our possession and unconditional of our acceptance, will continue to stay with us despite of us letting it go. When we recognise these things that stayed back with us, there will only be an awareness and appreciation, but no obsession or fear of losing. We will become one with it and it will become one with us. True detachment or “vairagya” sets in.

Let it all go. See what stays!

This law applies universally – the “thing” we would want to let go could be a person, a feeling, an object, a character trait, a thought, a practice, a dream, an obsession, a desire… list goes on. Everyone’s journey in this will be unique. But it always starts with “identifying” what to let go and ends with actually “letting it go”. This can be achieved with honest introspection, commitment and practice.


  • Poonam December 2, 2016 at 10:46

    Very well written Suhas! made me think consciously of what i want to let go, thanks!

    • Suhas December 2, 2016 at 11:21

      Glad you liked Poonam. Thank you.


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