Go for your dreams!

A famous quote goes like this –

The only thing between you and your dream is YOU.

Often we have tendencies to blame it on X, Y and Z which are stopping us, which are strongly holding us back from achieving what we want. We are experts in this. After all it’s always easy to blame external factors, isn’t it? However, if we try to open up a little to ourselves and dive deeper into those reasons, we will realise that, it’s always the “I” that is stopping us and not the external factors. First step towards achievement is to accept this and next is to work towards it.

I came across this beautiful article which details the 3 things that always stop us from going for our dreams.

  1. Procrastination.
  2. Fear of Opinion.
  3. Negativity.

The article clearly describes what are these and how they affect our thinking. It also hints a few measures to work things around. It’s a good read, go for it.

In a nutshell, the best way to overcome them is a honest retrospection. Now, I said Retrospection, not just Introspection. Introspection is all about analysis of our thoughts and actions, dreams and aspirations and becoming aware of what we want and why we want to achieve them. This sets a clear and concise goal within our mind (on paper, if you want it that way, remember SMART goals). Well the most necessary improvement that a “Re” adds to introspection is that it helps us identify two things –

  1. What is it that we are doing wrong or not doing at all.
  2. How can we improve what we are already doing.

(Yes, thanks to Scrum for my detailed learning of retrospectives. It can be applied in real life too).

A honest retrospection definitely helps us to beat the 3 and more things that’s stopping us from achieving what we want to. Did I say honest? Well, life is not a board exam for scoring and showing results. The point here is not to just have an achievement to show for, but to have a true satisfaction of achieving what we dreamt of. Hence being Honest to ourselves, in retro, is of prime importance.

So, What are your dreams? What are you doing to achieve them? Are you doing it right? Take a moment to Think, Introspect, Retrospect.

Go for it, Now. (If you feel Now is not the time, scroll up and read #1 stopper.)

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