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Here comes another experiment from the team of SOLS. A debutant director “Richie” amazes us with his dream child UK.

There are many things in this movie that I am impressed with and want to share. I may fail to give a structural review in the process, but who cares. 😛 When was the structure fun? 😛

The Narration

First segment of the movie sets every mood that is required for us to settle down and at the same time get curious about the plot. The story telling here is a smart trick with the right mixture of fact, fantasy and music. Couldn’t help but notice the Django feel, may be an inspiration, nevertheless perfect beginning. With second segment enter “Richie” the super star of UK. He makes you to laugh, to giggle, suddenly gets serious and along with humour eventually steals the show. In the following segments there comes the emotions of Mother Sentiment, Tara at her best, PranayaRaja in a never seen appearance with his silent romantic love interest and finally Kaaki, at this point it gets a little slow, might be intended to give you some free time to check messages and eat those pop-corn and within no time a brilliant track “Final Showdown” follows to end, twining the threads and leaving the questions.

The Characters

Well, not the lead ones, but the filler characters. Did I say filler? Yeah, I am writing this after 3 4 days of watching and only now it is appearing as fillers otherwise it appears to be blended with the story. These characters are built with such a care and caution that each one of them will leave you with a lasting impression. Not just the living ones such as “Democracy” but even the material props such as RayBan, Kaaki, Police belt, the navigator seat of Richie’s Van etc. One could easily notice the hard work and dedication that is put in making each bit of it.

The Music

No doubt, its haunting. Ever since its released, I have been listening to them and to watch them on screen with visuals is just a Mesmer. Kudos to the team behind it, the composer, singers, Richie for transforming it to beautiful visual. Its hard to miss the resemblance of few tracks to some peppy numbers heard somewhere sometime back, but as I said who cares, within no time the beauty of music takes over your mind.

The Story

Narration is the king, story comes next. The way each character unfolds and moves the story ahead is a plus, however for all the hype created in each segments, the actual suspense looks a little dull. Some more attention here and fine tuning would have helped definitely to justify the events. Though the story line is simple, subject is vast. Each bit that every character touches upon is linked to something related to the story, few of which are obvious and few lest upon viewers imagination. Very keen care is taken in building the script and attention to detail is to be appreciated.

The Richie

Phata Poster Nikla Hero, right from his entry in the movie, till his last scene, on-screen, off-screen, he steals the show. In his first directorial, he emerged as a promising director. The dream and vision that he would have nurtured about this script is evidently seen in every frame. Every learning that he has grasped and inspirations he would have taken as an ardent movie follower has well paid off. Take a Bow Rakshit Shetty!! Now I am a fan, original. B-)

The Appeal

Lets get serious now. Beyond all the entertainment, the movie tries to make an impact. Here is the thing, which is not explicitly made obvious, but for an involved audience to find out. Few questions are left for us figure out the answers, about the “Thing”, about the Cuban Kid’s confusions, disappointed mother’s plight or future, one has to go a step deeper into the story line to find the answers. Unlike many cine-makers, Rakshit doesn’t treat his audience as dumb and leaves some conclusions to their intelligence. (Of course by leaving some clues). A positive move in the kannada cinema style. Hope it spreads.

The Final show down

I can give 100 reasons for you to watch the movie and 50 more not to. But I wont. Like it’s music, beyond all doubts, it will not fail to entertain you. Go and witness for yourself, enjoy the feel of movie.

PS: Cinematography is just wonderful, coastal karnataka is shown at its best, this coupled with Mangalore accent is truly a fun.






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