Simple agondu story..

Simple, simply beautiful.

soalsI saw a short film “Simpalagondu love story” quite a few months back as it went viral over net. Admired the work and simplicity in the narration, which justified the name. A few days later I heard the news which said about a movie being shot by the same team with the same name. I was shocked. I told myself and to my friends with whom I discussed a lot about this “short film” which was actually a trailer for the movie, that this director is making a big mistake by expanding this into a full length movie. Though the critique in me was not ready to expect a outstanding one, the optimist within was eagerly waiting for this to come.

For once it is completed, and saw it on big screen, I must say, I am “amazed”. It has broken all the rules yet again and proved that a decent story with good narration takes precedence over a formulated story. (usual hero entry, heroine entry, villain entry, fight, song and all that blah blah bullshit) The feel good factor that swept many off their feet in the short-film remains in full length movie too and every character is very much real and makes us get involved to an extent that it makes us feel that it is all happening around us.

Freshness is seen and felt in every bit and piece of the movie, may it be any frame that is captured, the location, artists performance, music, ideas.. everywhere. Its so mush like a morning dew that we finish watching the full movie with out even slightest of exhaustion. Using the same lead artists to narrate the flashback and pulling it through without causing a bit of awkwardness in the audience, is JUST BRILLIANT. Just thinking about the costs that’s been saved by this idea, I must say the producer is quite lucky. :P. Many other ideas like the sand artist, growing mushroom to prepare manchuri, skipping on seashore, and many more makes it a simple 2 hours which has an abundance of freshness.

Another important highlight of the movie is its dialogues. It is a brilliant use of verbal slang, the perfect delivery by artists with right expressions makes it very natural, like a conversation we would see around in real life. However I personally feel the “punch” could have been reduced a bit to make a more stronger emotional impact, as a whole. But when looked at the way the audience were rolling on laughters, its justified.

Also the prime actors in movie, Rakshith and Shwetha deserves a good appreciation. I was not very convinced that they will do justice as lead roles to a full length movie when I saw the shorter version. But their performance and dialogue delivery is remarkable. The amount of hardwork and dedication they have put in these days is evident. More than everything, the captain of the ship, The director is due of the credits. He has done a splendid job, narrating 3 different flashbacks without loosing grip on the present story taking us along with the characters on a journey. Another good thing about the narration is it is not biased as the GUY’s story or the GIRL’s. It won’t take sides and shows it from both angles, leaving the audience to choose a side.

Said that, It takes a great deal of courage and belief on ones abilities to pull up a project like this. The entire crew behind SAOLS is to be appreciated for presenting us with such a wonderful movie, which we can proudly share with everyone or pull friends into theatres, espacially the kannada movie hating crowd.

Have you not watched it yet, go watch it soon..

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