RIP, dear sister. I have FAILED you.

blackI logged into my FB and it asks “How are you feeling, Suhas?” what shall I say? I am fighting a bad fever and sore throat from morning and I remember the news about the girl passing away that I heard in half-sleep of morning and another one that the maximum possible punishment for the people responsible is ONLY a 3 year imprisonment, are disturbing me. They will walk away freely by 2016? probably the main accused would get onto his drivers seat and start driving the same bus. How I should feel?? I feel my blood boiling, very sure that its not the fever. And what do I do about it? I rant here, on my blog till the feeling subsides, have a hot meal and take a tablet and sleep. Of all my health is important. Its new year around the corner, I have a trip planned and I must make to it.

The anger suddenly turns towards the system. Of Course it is failed. It’s not just the system that has failed, I have failed too. In a country, in a democracy, “I” have failed. I have the most powerful power, to VOTE, I can choose and elect the person to guard the rules. I cannot go and run a system, signing the files. I have a family to take care of, I have a dream to chase, a career to make, a pay-cheque to earn every month so that I can feed myself. Thus I use my power, to vote and elect a better man, who will do his JOB of looking after the country, US. I pay taxes to feed him so that he need not worry about feeding himself and his families. But today it has failed. 🙁

I hear it from a lot from people, that I am a part of this system too, Its ME who chose the people who are holding the strings. Yes, Right. Its my wrong choice, that is failing the system. I want to CHOOSE RIGHT this time. What have I got?? From whom I want to choose? Do I get a better choice? among the 5 6 contesters, there wont be even one who is worth my Vote? So I ask them who say I am part of system, whom should I vote? One among the BEST? BEST of the WORST? or wait.. should I stand for elections myself? Is it really practical that I contest and YOU will vote for me? If at all YOU did and I win, Is it a reality that I will be allowed to do what I want to do to bring in change among the LOT? I am not blaming anyone, I am just retrospecting, in a positive note to find out what that “I” can do. Well I realise there is absolutely NOTHING, except to rant here and shove off my frustrations.

But I choose to Hope, and to be prepared. I am certain A day will come when I will have a role to play. When truly my “VOTE” matters. The Minority of educated and sensible people (as referred by a friend) will UNITE and fight against these goons who are a majority and running the system today. Until that day, I rant, I write, I spread these things, to identify who all are with me, when the time comes on who all I can rely upon. Dear bloody politicians and rowdies UP there, we are not silent, we are not incapable. This is JUST not our time and it will come one day for sure. Till then Enjoy YOUR DANCE OF DEMOCRACY, because, when the day comes, WE will certainly KICK your balls and make you pay for everything. After all the BULLSHIT of “Incredible India”, “India Shining” and such crap, INDIA will surely RISE. Till then, my sister, Nirbhaya or whoever you are, take my apologies for doing nothing and try to rest in peace.


  • Sanjay December 30, 2012 at 12:22

    Amazing writing. Another good one Suvi.

    • Suhas January 28, 2013 at 08:43

      Thanks Sanju baba!


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