Yeto Vellipoindi Manasu

yeto-vellipoindi-manasu-posters-1Gautam Vasudev Menon… comes back after 3 years, with “Yeto Vellipoindi Manasu”… Though the story is nothing new, and has predictable turns at every point, he has not lost grip on the narration and the scenes. The plot is a typical Boy-Girl love story from school till marriage and their relationship issues. Gautam succeeded in showing the subtle emotions and confusions that arise at every stage of a relationship from both the perspectives of a boy and a girl. Naani as Varun and Samantha as Nithya adds freshness to the movie and has given their best performances. Samantha impresses with her natural acting, depicting emotions of all 3 stages of life, school, college and later. Great work with costumes, especially that of Nithya. (I fell for Samantha every time she appeared in different costume). Prabhu has done a decent job with his camera.

There are no messages that is being given, no judgements being made as who is right and who is wrong among the two, but just their emotions and the differences within them is shown by how they feel and react to certain situations. As audience we connect with the characters and situations based on our personal experiences (GSV’s strength). First half is totally entertaining and post-interval demands certain patience to enjoy. By pre-climax, the emotional drama gets little too much to take but the Happy-Ending climax compensates for it. The get-back-at-her dialogues by Varun will make every guy clap as if it is getting-back-at-their-girlfds and non-stop crying of Nithya convinces every girl to sympathise her.

More matured lovers

More matured lovers

If we watch it with “Ye Maaya Chesave” or “VinnaiTandi Varuvaaya” in mind, not even Ilayaraja’s music helps to appreciate the movie, except the same whispering voice of Nithya (rendered by same Chinmayee) that reminds Jessie. The music, though wont leave a magical impression, goes well with feel of the movie and takes time to sink in.

A must watch for Gautam’s fans and Samantha’s lovers.

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