Keep walking

Life seems to be a long journey with many destinations and many stop overs. Sometimes it so happens that I start to enjoy the journey more than the destination. I start to like the movement and the disturbance that it causes. Even as a child, I used to enjoy all those rides in auto to home back in the evenings after a roam around in the city with parents. I also have a blur memory that many times I was excited to go out only thinking about the auto ride. May be that part of me has evolved into a more mature (eh.. kiddish is apt) sense that I continue to enjoy the ride of life now.

The question keeps popping up many times with many things, “Where is it going?”, Really where am I heading to? does it ever will have an answer? I am not sure. If at all there is an answer and if I ever find it, will that be the end of my journey?, I continue to wonder… If the journey really ends, what is the point of travelling so far all this time. Well this surely is confusing. What is the whole point of writing all this. Definitely I am not trying to find an answer myself by scribbling this. As I said, more than the answers, I am interested in the question. This is just an attempt to understand the question better. Who knows, the answer might just be hidden in the question.

Where it is really going? In the days of my schooling, getting a rank in the exam was portrayed to be the destination. I did my part, got a rank (don’t ask me which one 😉 ), Then came the summer vacations and yet again another year started. Same story repeated. Somehow I reached my graduation, placement in a company and a monthly pay package was the big picture. Well, I hit the first company (Luckily 😉 ), and a fat cheque was promised, so that’s done too. I started with my job. Yearly appreciation (actually “hike”) seemed to be the new destination. Year by year passed, hikes, breaks kept on coming. Well, so on, the journey never ends. Sometimes there will be hurdles, there will be conflicts, we move on resolving them in a positive note or committing mistakes (sometimes blunders). Some decisions pay us off, some put us down, nevertheless the day ends, new sun rises.

Is it not the same on a personal level too? New friends, new relationships, some keep up for long term, some just vanishes in few days. Some goes deeper within of ourselves, some stay just in the hi..bye range. We continue to live with it. Sometimes with happiness and some times with pain. No matter what, we still meet new people, make new friends, fall for someone special (or by thinking so, like every other time) yet again. We never know which one turns out to be what. We will be uncertain about many things most of the times. Then what is the whole point of everything?

This is the stage where I go surprisingly obsessed with the journey. If I had thought of this pointlessness or destinationlessness during my schooling, I would have never experienced the thrills of being scared and tensed about exams. I would have never had the butterflies in my stomach before the last round of interview and never would have realised that being there for a friend in need is such an awesome feeling or my ability to love someone. (I wouldn’t even have had the first kiss 😛 ).

So I stopped caring about destinations now. For me the journey is important and exciting, for I realised each destination is nothing but the beginning of another journey. There is no point actually, in spoiling the fun of journey by getting over burdened by the thoughts of destination. Also there is no point in stopping just because we don’t know Where it is going. I am not sure if the age old philosophers and poets said the same thing when they spoke about detachment. But I am certain of one thing, that unless we move on, enjoy the path that we walk, we will never be satisfied on reaching the destination.

As Big old man Johhny Walker says, Keep Walking…

cheers, Suhas.

(Share your thoughts on what you feel, lets have a healthy debate.. )

** Disclaimer **

This has nothing to do with setting Goals and all such big stuff. I realise and accept that every journey will have a destination. Sometimes, known and decided , and sometimes unknown and hidden. My point here is I feel, in the backdrop of that destination hunting, loosing the fun of journey is not worth.

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