A long weekend

Its been a while since I blogged. Being in the writing mood for 3 continuous days, thought why should not I also blog. So here it goes, the next instalment of Celebrations. Thanks to BharatBandh, my planned long weekend of 4 days is cut short to 3 days as I had to work on Saturday. Also TravelFreaks were really busy in their own commitments to utilise the 4day long weekend for a trip and I was locked in home. I spent it all by relishing the yummy home made food, gymming in the evening, watching TV and constantly refreshing the FB page. I cant think of a time I was so jobless for a recent past. Such times definitely demand some pleasant reading and believe me it did happen. The new OSHO book I am reading took me to complete different levels of thinking. Anyway I could not read it full as the depth of thoughts it was triggering was too much to handle and needed some time actually to process them. (Wiat for a post about that soon) So restricted my reading to a strict two hours in the early hours of morning. (as early as 9 😛 ).

I felt strongly that need a break by the first noon itself from the thoughts and took up writing he next one in my “Chitra” series of short stories which was long due. This one is about “Chitra” herself. Its been a month since she landed in my mind and starting to take shape. Thanks to work and Java fever, i was not able to give her what she demanded. Now I am all relaxed and refreshed, made a commitment with her that she will surely get what she deserves. Well I am halfway successful so far. Just half as Chitra is not some one so easy. She always needs more. 🙂

Sometimes I wonder, How did I got into writing? It all just started, like with every other guy, by writing those small small poems to my high school crush. But over time, I feel I have evolved into being more responsible with my write-ups, or I am still becoming.. it never ends. If I read something that I have written a year ago, I feel it could have been done in a better way now. So for me its a process of constant improvement. But given to my passion of restless reading, I somehow landed up in developing a zest for short stories. I still wonder if I am doing justice to it. I know its a long way till I reach there, but there is a constant effort, to be better at it and to evolve.

Writing a short story is more challenging for me than a blog or travelogue or a poem. A poem starts as a small FEEL, and it evolves on its own, before that feel is gone. If words fail to form by then its lost. One nice Feel will go to memories. For a travelogue, memories of the time spent will be in mind. A narrative will form on its own as I start to live those memories. But a short story demands more of my creative time and peacefulness. Though it starts with a momentary excitement, I will have to live with the characters, think and emote by being with them and keep on recording what gets created. Its a creative journey, hence the category here is named as Creative writing.

Said so, in the process of bringing out Chitra all these days as it is in my mind, another subject for short story creeped in. This one is in kannada. Both of them needs to be concluded, However I am not sure how long it takes. Lets hope for best or another long weekend as soon. 😛

Apart from this have a lot to work on, documenting them here so that atleast in that way I ll be committed to my readers, –

1. QUEST – something exciting awaited at this part :D.
2. Sarpass, full travelogue.
3. Germany, full travelogue
4. 2 short stories independent of Chitra series.

Hope to deliver them soon.. By the way, how have you been??? rejuvenation

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  • Ramya October 3, 2012 at 10:00

    Hmmm…. Now i got to know for getting arrested in your room.. 😉 BTW i second on the words you said about OSHO in your blog. I am curious to know how will you simplify and pen it on your blog. Keep going… 🙂


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