Love, yet another shade of it.

Pal pal dil ke paas, tum rehti ho..

His iPod was playing the song for the 50th time since morning. He started wondering what is it that is so strange about the old romantic songs that it always reminds him of Chitra, each time like never before. This was not the first time he was listening to this song, yet it is appearing to be so fresh and lovely than never before.

Love is strange, he concluded again.

The breeze was getting colder as the day progressed. He thought how long it has been since he sat in the park and checked his watch,

just 2 hours? No, he was not ready to believe.

Time never moves when you miss your loved ones, he again wondered.

He was miles away from her, in a farther country where even the time zone lagged from the one where Chitra is.

What she would be doing now? He imagined, may be watching a serial or would be changing channels searching Shah rukh khan, he smiled.

It always seemed funny to him. But not when she tells him that. He used to feel so jealous that the dumb ass is getting more attention and love from her, though he knew that any khan would not actually get even a bit of love he is given.

Does she really see him in the actor as she claims to be? Or is it her way of escaping from the bitter feeling of missing him? He wanted to believe it.

But still a rush of jealousy pumped up. She always caught him getting jealous no matter how hard he tried not to show it outside, and made fun of it. May be it’s her laughter that always calmed him down. But now, it is just in his memory.

I should have bought my dairy he thought again.

It was his alibi to come out of the pain whenever he missed her, by writing down his feelings.

Har Shaam AaNkhoN Par, Teraa AaNchal Laharaae, …how many evenings he wanted her beside him.

In such a lovely cold country, how pleasant it would have been just to sit beside her in a park and listen to whatever silly things she talks. She would have called it a boring evening, watching a dried out tree, and literally silent people walking all covered up with those thick jackets. But still he knew she would be enjoying the evening as much as he was. If she had been there, she would have felt cold and would have held his hand, leaning on him, and he would have hugged her more close and gave her all the comfort she needed. He suddenly felt the warmth.

It is not helping, he told himself, Should I leave?..

Unstoppable, the mind again drifted back in time to his college days. She was an angel in the class, he thought. He always thought of her as an angel. Half of the college was behind her. How many threatening calls has he got when it became public that he liked her? He still doesn’t know how the truth leaked out. Like she did with everyone, she said a NO when he proposed her. Was it really a proposal, calling her on mobile from a coin booth and saying “I love you”?

I was such an ass, he said to himself, louder than before.

This time the lady walking by heard him.

Bitte, she asked.

He said a sorry with a smile. She smiled back with a warm I know what it is look and continued with her walk.

Strange he thought, It’s only love that is understood by everyone across the globe without any language barrier.

It would be 9 30 in the night back in India, he calculated and took his mobile thinking he would give a call to her. Later realized that it would be her usual dinner time and she won’t pick up. Disappointed, he kept it back in his pocket and finally decided to walk back to his hotel. He had spoken to her just 5 hours back. She had called before leaving from college. He was able to listen to her students teasing her in the background.

Please ask him get some special chocolates ma’am, some girl was shouting, Can I talk to him ma’am?

She hushed her. He thought it could be Nandini, whom she had mentioned once, saying that she had a big crush on him. He hoped she gets her usual internal marks this time, or how daring she should be to tell her ma’am that she has a crush on her guy. He finally decided to walk back. It would take an hour to reach hotel. His colleagues would be waiting for him to go out for their usual Sunday night beer and dinner.


She finished her dinner and checked the time. 10:30 PM. She could not wait to check her mobile.

Had he called?

She was about to run into her room, suddenly her mom screamed,

Chitra, could you clean the table?

 Cursing her she ran towards the table. It was such a mess. So much utensils and all stuff. Hurriedly she started keeping them in their places. She remembered watching him once cleaning his house.

How much patience has he got, she remembered the way he was so involved in doing his work.

Amazing guy, my love.. it was loud enough to reach her mom in kitchen.

What is it dear?, she asked.

Nothing maa.. Chitra lied as usual. She wondered how easy it has become these days to lie.

Finally it was 12 by the time she went back to her room, only place where she could think and dream of him peacefully. She checked her skype contacts and he wasn’t online yet. Her teddy seemed to be smiling. She felt bitter.

He would be busy drinking his Sunday beer, she told herself and started to prepare her bed.

It was a hectic Sunday for her with all the special classes and the irritating Nandini.

How many questions she asks about my saggy? Stupid girl. Let the internals begin, I will teach her a lesson, she said to herself, but laughed at her own stupidity.

Wish he was in India, she started to dream, they would have been talking already by now.

What is this with this guy? He never gets bored of me and my silly talks. No matter how much nonsense I speak, he listens and even tries to involve. Though, if it is about my struggle to decide where to keep my teddy, he tries his best to suggest the possibilities.

Lock him in your cupboard Chitra, he even once said, I don’t want him to see you while you are sleeping.J

Come on baby, don’t get jealous, she told herself, not on the teddy at least, he is just a toy.

Crazy guy. Why is he not online yet?  What’s with this beer and guys, they even forget their girlfriends while drinking.

She thought she should try it once. He will gladly let me, she remembered how he used to encourage her to taste when they go out.  Yuck it will be, suddenly she felt a gush of irritation in the stomach as she remembered the smell. I don’t know how these guys drink it mug after mug.

She was tired, flat on bed and thought, let me be online and sleep, anyway he would definitely call me if he sees me online once he is back.

She turned to find her teddy and looked into his eyes. Poor rascal saggy, you don’t know why I keep it where I can see it? Have you ever noticed its eyes? It’s so much same as yours. It is thick, dark, deep and intense. How can I drift to sleep without you watching me every day? Do you think I will just keep you off my mind and enter the dreamland?

She wanted to tell him this, but if he gets to know, he will stop feeling jealous. It is so much fun to watch him get jealous. He looks cute. She blushed.

Call me idiot, I need you, she almost shouted and closed her eyes to a living dream.


Fourth beer down and he was having a good time. He never thought the Deutsche will be enjoying such a great social gathering, given to see only the silence among them till then. People started coming over by 7 30 and WOW, the usual noise of Bangalore crowd is back. They chit chat, play cards, drink beer and shout and even dance sometimes. The place that seemed to be so big and empty an hour before at Wild Vaitl, looked so small and filled up now. All tables are jam-packed with people. They seemed to know each other well. He felt it was like a family get together as anyone who enters used to get greeted by someone or the other.

Chitra should have been here, he thought again.

She would not have let me have this 4th beer for sure. But she would have enjoyed the night. She always liked such social gatherings and would have even made few friends by now.

His friends noticed his wild smile and poked him,

Boss, don’t fly back to India now, check out the waitress, she is so hot, they said.

Yes, he had noticed her. She was really hot. He took out his mobile and typed, “Enjoying a Sunday evening with chilled German beer served by a hot waitress” and posted it on his facebook wall.

Finally the party was over and they decided to move back. He checked his watch, 11PM.

Chitra would have slept already, he felt sad. He cursed her college.

If not for the special class, she would have rested the day and was available for me for the night chat over skype. Or could I have simply skipped my usual Sunday beer? Thought crossed by..

But now it was late to think about anything. They strolled down the streets to their hotel on a chilly night. He would have been freezing if not for the alcohol in the stomach which made him warm. He dreamed about how beautiful Chitra would look if she had worn all those warm clothes, especially the cap. Suddenly he felt an urge to kiss her.

Har Raat YaadoNKii, Baaraat Le Aae.. Wish she was here, he missed her more.

His mobile suddenly beeped with a notification. His update has received a comment.

Who is awake in this night? Wondering he opened to see,

“So that’s what holding up Mr.casanova”  , It was Chitra, she had replied..

Some excitement suddenly rushed through. He was, till now, thinking that she would have slept. He started to miss her more and the urge to see her multiplied with each passing second.

Is it the alcohol?  No, he doesn’t want to get there. He just started walking brisker.

 Aaram se yaar.. His friends shouted, he just gave a gtg smile and carried on. They threw a taunt, “Guess some one’s skype is buzzing”  but just let him go.


She was woken up again.

Why can’t I sleep without talking to him, she wondered as every other night.

It was almost past midnight. Her eyes were craving for some sleep and yet she cannot catch one.

Lousy bum, she cursed him again and checked her skype, he was not there yet. She wondered how some people survive the so called Long-distance relationships. She remembered her mother once saying The more you miss your loved one, the more you get involved, she was young to realize or appreciate it. Now all she wanted is to see his face and get a lovely goodnight kiss from him. She thought she can never make it to sleep without that. Not even the teddy’s eyes were helping.

She gazed at the tiny screen of her pad, which he has gifted for her birthday and she suddenly remembered a piece of conversation from the past –

She was asking, Why are you so much into facebook all the time? Don’t you feel you need privacy at all?

Jovially he replied, “Look honey, If at all you ever loose my track and wanted to find out what I am doing, you can easily try dropping by to my FB wall, that’s why I keep on updating”.

It was true. He could not keep himself up without posting some update on FB. She grabbed the tiny tab and opened her facebook page. Yes!! There he was, but what is it, “HOT WAITRESS”, she was fuming by the time she finished reading it.

How dare he is? I am struggling to sleep here with his thoughts and he is busy checking out waitresses. Now this definitely calls for a battle. She declared it to herself, he is going to get it.

She typed her reply, ”Someone is waiting here battling sleep and you busy checking out waitresses?”, then she thought it sounded too silly and stupid and erased it.

After a little thought she re-wrote, “So that’s what holding up Mr.Casanova”. She read again and again and smiled at her own creativity, especially the Casanova part, she thought and posted it as a comment.

She knew he would get the message as soon as he reads this. With a confident smile she switched back to her Skype screen and started counting minutes.


He almost ran his way back, yet he could make it only in 15 minutes. He thought it would have been wiser to bring Chitra along instead of suffering this pain. The room lit up as he entered and he switched on his laptop. She was there waiting for him.

He called her, her sleepy, yet beautiful face appeared on screen.

“How was the waitress??” She asked.

“Not as lovely as you are!!” He never let go of a chance to flirt.

“Ya, that’s why you came so soon” She launched her first missile.

“It’s just 11 here, you know” Challenge accepted, he thanked the time zone.

“Oh, then go back..your waitress must be waiting” she came up with a classic one this time.

“I could, if not I had my angel waiting here” he used the call off line.

She blushed, “I need you here, come back soon” The Angel term always works, he smiled. She was almost in tears.

“Few more days honey, I will be back. Why are you up still, din’t sleep?” he knew she could not.

“Had slept, suddenly woke up and checked your status” Sweet lie, he knew.

The conversation went on for a while, usual what you did talks and he kissed her a good night.

He felt the usual calm that he used to feel every night after talking to her.

Chitra is really an Angel, he said to himself, loud enough to hear it.

Jalne Mei Kya Mazaa Hai, Parwane Jaante Hain..

Tum Yunhi Jalate Rehna, Aa Aakar Khwabon Mein..


  • Akhila YN April 3, 2012 at 02:19

    Sweetly and precisely narrated…Glimpse of how thoughts flow in one’s mind who is having far distance relationship:)…. Intensity of the story is missing…. Sehr gut:)

    • suhas May 22, 2012 at 23:24

      Thank you Akhila. Well I tried a different narration style and primary motive was to communicate the momentary emotional clashes. may be that killed the intensity.. I agree. 🙂 But this became more closer to me than prev one in its own ways!!, though its just a simple timepass read from critic point of view. Thanks for your time and reply again 🙂 cheers..

  • The Art Traveler April 3, 2012 at 13:00

    So beautifully crafted.. specifically the nitty-gritty’s of that amazing feeling of having ‘the one’ so artistically written about already… took me back to my Mills & Boon days.. she’s so well described and as I read (was engrossed), it got difficult for me to believe that the characters are reel… brilliant portrayals !!

    • suhas May 22, 2012 at 23:26

      “Mills and Boon”.. Hmmm, i guess its a long way to reach there yet .. Thanks for the compliments anyway Shwetha!! 🙂 Keep reading and providing inputs. 🙂 Cheers..

  • Sagar April 6, 2012 at 20:33

    awesome man . .really very sweet . . i was feeling like i am watching movie . .really good one . .

    • suhas May 22, 2012 at 23:27

      Thanks a lot Sagar! 🙂

  • Ashwini N.V Ganig April 6, 2012 at 22:39

    enjoyed reading.. even though your first story and this one share the same theme, narration seems to have undergone a lot of change, a welcoming one indeed.. looking foward to more stories which i believe would add up to a gentle and tender chitra-saggy love saga… i guess it is easy to express intense feelings in the form of a story, but to express very subtle feelings demands a certain knack.. looks like you are mastering this very well.. cheers:)

    • suhas May 22, 2012 at 23:32

      Thanks so much Ashwini. Yes, i tried a different style of narration. It was necessary for me to achieve the agenda of expressing the very sensitive and subtle feelings that the couple will undergo while missing each other. Now after reading all the comments, looks i have succeeded to some extent. 🙂 Thanks for the response. 🙂

  • Rakesh Prab April 10, 2012 at 23:41

    Nice… And it looks like biography.
    Anyways, I recommend more deep thought and creativity for the flow of the story.

    Very GOOD.. Keep the good work going and keep us entertained..
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    • suhas May 22, 2012 at 23:34

      Thanku Rakesh. I guess any form of art will get inspiration from a live character/incident, but need not be personal always. 😛 Thanks for the suggestion too. i will think about it and see how i can adapt in future.. Cheers..

  • Bhavna April 12, 2012 at 20:06

    Nice write up. Very short yet sweet story, u have got good grip not on subject;), but in retaining readers concentration. Simple good flow of language which actually makes readers to visualise wats put on. I appreciate that part. Hmmm wen r Chitra n Saggy meeting?, m awaiting fa next episode!

    • suhas May 22, 2012 at 23:36

      Thanku MS… i am delighted 🙂 will try to improve on subject also 😛 .. Chitra and Saggy, let them miss each other for a bit more, as i am starting to think beyond them.. 🙂


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