Royal city … Mysore (2/2)

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I was having a SOUND sleep.. The deewana was really cosy and the light never bothered me at all.. Guess the single shot of scotch inside was taking its toll.. Something smoothly comes in the air and makes a gentle landing on my back and after a moment, soft fingers start to dance on my feet.. It was then I came out of my mis-assumption that it was another dream, only to realise that the UNO enjoying gang has finally taken a break from their game and have decided to wake me up hook or crook. Needless to mention that the soft thing was a pillow and it dint land gently, but thrown upon me in rage. Well however ‘Legends’ about my sleep never go wrong, so  they gave up and went back to their game leaving me to enjoy my sleep for the rest of the night after 15 20 mins!!

The sun rose as usual and I woke up to realise it was still 6 am in the morning and the whole gang is happily sleeping. The scene inspired me and pushed me to another 90 mins of good sleep. Finally when  I got up, Sana was struggling with her eyes to open them, and few others were thinking whether to brush their teeth or sleep back. Guess Bhavana was already Ready!! 😛

Slowly we all came out of our sleep zones, never realising how lazily the day would go on.. There were plans. We had thought we would roam around in Mysore, visit Blue lagoon and get back to bangalore by 5 in the evening. But Sana’s house was so temptingly cosy that no one ever wanted to go out that day. My stomach was crying for my morning dose of Nescafe and thanks to our new love birds and their romantic decision to take a walk in the morning, we got some milk. So I took charge of the kitchen and came out with a hot brewing Nescafe to all which kicked out the traces of sleep that still remained in us.

After coffee the next thing that got attention was the idiot box TV and the movie ZNMD.. As soon as we realised that it is not just a song but the movie itself that is being aired, people decided to ditch all the plans of going out. So ever hungry man, Suhas decided that if he is gonna wait for them, the breakfast would also be skipped, and started the discussion of  “What to cook”. Ultimately after some 60mins of discussion and varied crazy suggestions, we concluded that we will have “Shavige Bath” and once again I was wearing my chef hat. With repeated calls to my mom for proportion suggestion of salt chilli etc, the breakfast was ready.

@Highway 18

Lunch at Highway 18 photography:Harsha

While I was sweating out in kitchen, Adarsh had opened his massage parlour and one by one all were in a queue to get a head massage done. Adi was being sweet and as a gentleman, disappointed none. By the time movie got over, we all were done with our breakfast, massage, small nap and a round of tea. Then we decided atleast we will visit “Blue Lagoon” and left home by 1PM. As soon as we got into our chariots we realised that its already lunch time and started to search hotels. We checked in at the Highway 18 hotel, leisurely sipped in on our Fresh lime sodas and chewed on some rotis. With the aid of all our Hi-tech htc’s and google maps we reached Blue lagoon without much confusions!

Blue Lagoon, it is one of the most beautiful place in Mysore with the Kaveri Backwaters. To most of my surprise, the water levels were much higher than my previous visit. It is still a remote place and attracts very less people from the city and very little tourists. The beauty of the place is that there is nothing here. Its a picnic spot apt for couples, or family get together’s or some group of friends. The best part of the day to visit is during evenings. Sunset would look very serene here. There is a island and a small boat to take us there. I never tried, but this time saw an electric pole inside signifying human inhabitation. Wondering what they would do for a living, I took my steps into the water. The water was chillingly cold. Manoj and Adi joined, Suakshana could not resist too. Harsha was busy taking pics and Bhavana posing. Sana Suma and Shiv were competing with the Kaveri’s silence and Abhi too played along.

Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon photography:Harsha

Time was running out and everyone were haunted by the Monday’s routine. Forcing ourselves to the car we winded up the fun at Blue lagoon and calmly made up our minds to see off Mysore. We reached back Sana’s place and to my surprise people were getting ready to take bath. As usual I grabbed the opportunity not lettig it go, enjoyed another session of my evening nap. I badly needed it after the tiring swim in the lagoon. (btw god only knows why the name blue lagoon) .

We packed our bags and left home around 6. But the Mysore has still got its hospitality to offer. We stopped by a hotel and ate some crispy dosa’s and coffees and started towards Bangalore. The journey was , as expected thrilling, I was always trying to beat Adi and that man never came down of 120. Some how we manage to stop at the Coffee day at Maddur and made it to Bangalore by 9 against to our plans of getting back by 7. As it was late I was made to make another loong journey within the city to drop off Suma, Abhi and Sahana. The poor me reached back home by 12.

Thus a planned UNO night out turned out to be a pleasant fun filled and most cherished trips for all. In many ways this trip was special to everyone. Personally I got more time to understand the city I love. The people of Mysore are way different than what we see in Bangalore. They are more humble and  friendly. The commercial attitudes have not yet corrupted the minds of shopkeepers and you feel homely. The infrastructure is better, especially the wide roads. Wish we had that sort of planning in Bangalore, and we wud’n have been facing so much traffic issues today. The city is green and pollution has not reached the bothering levels. Some new institutions are attracting the young generations from over the country recently and hope the vivid cultures wont harm and dominate the city’s true culture.


Nostalgic photo: Harsha

Even with my repeated visits, there are still many things about the city to be explored and felt. Thinking about all this, and realising the routine that is bound from the next day, I forced myself to a good night’s sleep. Luckily none of my past memories associated with the city haunted as dreams.. 😛




  • Biradar Abhishek January 15, 2012 at 09:58

    Hi Suhas,
    The most beautiful way to describe the laziness that creeps into the people in Bangalore,specially the IT people, can clearly be understood from the second day. And the place like Mysore is the best place to spend a weekend., as that was my second in Mysore! Hope many will keep coming with all of you after every trip for relaxing.

    Another thing, a must know, was missing is the “COFFEE” and the “SHAVIGE BHAAT” from Suhas’s kitchen was very delicious and yummy to start a day.

    • Suhas January 15, 2012 at 22:25

      Thanks a lot Abhi..

      • Shoma Gowda January 17, 2012 at 00:34

        good to see u blogging again ..:) 🙂

  • sulakshana January 15, 2012 at 15:06

    Very bad suhas.. U have taken all credit for coffee and breakfast. I had helped to u so much.

    • Suhas January 15, 2012 at 22:24

      Hey Su.. Sorry 🙁 some minute details got missed out!! Ya.. You have helped a lot! in cutting onions especially .. 😛

  • rashmi January 15, 2012 at 21:52

    heyy.. 1 good thing is thou its pretty lenghty it holds the reader with de same freq, it has the grip to read de entire thing…:) good attempt, but i feel u can improve a bit…!!

    • Suhas January 15, 2012 at 22:24

      Thanks pe.. there is always scope for improvement!! I am learning. your feedback will be very much appreciated!! 🙂

  • The Art Traveler January 16, 2012 at 23:56

    I can imagine what a weekend it must have been for you and your gang. All that you wrote of Mysore is so true.. its serenity just holds you on. A coffee, frens and a free weekend is enough for a ‘celebration’ in itself… but you all were a lot more.. Nice!!!

    Your attention to detail is commendable. The photos you have put up are adding a lot of vibrancy.. especially love the Blue lagoon one.. I was looking for a like button there 🙂 All in all a wonderful start or shall I say its great comeback! Okay!! Now enough of flying amidst clouds of praise.. come down and pen down more :p

    • Suhas January 17, 2012 at 07:54

      Thanks shweta!! sure u can can wait for more. not just trevelogues.. all these support filled me with tremendous confidence!! 😛

  • Radhika January 17, 2012 at 07:40

    Good job done 🙂 Keep writing…………….
    U made me realise, what and all did I miss!!!

    • Suhas January 17, 2012 at 07:55

      Thanks Radhika. if it helps, this is only half of what you missed 😛

  • Raja S January 25, 2012 at 23:40

    It was a wonderful journey in My own Royal city in your words…… Good one Suhas…..

  • Pram February 1, 2012 at 07:29

    Just loved your blog….. enjoyed a lot reading the above post 🙂
    btw thank u soo much for visiting my blog and opting to follow…..



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