That Girl In Yellow Boots

From off-beat mainline movies, Anurag Kashyap is moving towards ART. It is a great leap for the sensitive artist in him, but kalki.. man my admiration for her doubled for she has penned down this amazing story with Anurag.. Narating a story on screen is one thing but conveying things with indirect reference is a challenge in any art form. The Yellow Boots, Ruth’s search for her father, her job, coke ridden boyfriend and much more references, each start to get deeper the more we dig into it. The narration never gets elaborative about any of this (which would have made it boring) but ignites the necessary spark in viewers thoughts.



The beginning few minutes of the movie gives a clear message to the popcorn lovers that its not the kind of movie that they would really enjoy, allowing them with a chance to walk out. But for who stays, the world of Ruth begins to open up. It is a world of constant search and struggle. Search for existance, identity struggle for living. Finally when she meet, what she thinks, her destiny, it just turns out to be more horrifying than the struggle.

The most promising aspects of the movie are the Screenplay, the way scenes are knitted and stunning performances by Kalki, Gulshan and other artists. Anurag once again proves that he is a master and gives morereason to admire his work. We have Naseeruddin Shaw delivering his usual great performance, but it just seems that the character is insereted as a curiosity element. Also there are few faces which just makes an appearance like Rajat Kapoor and Piyush.  The roles portrayed by Gulshan and Puja are a relief in the movie.

The don Chittiyappa Gowda (who eventually becomes Chutiyappa Gowda) happens to be a kannadiga don in movie. The portrayal of this character is not just a controversial gimmick but it is a serious part of the plot and well bought in. The kannada songs and dialogues used in these scenes shows the intensity of effort put in to blend the charatcter into the plot. Also the guts in casting the same should be appreciated for an artist’s Freedom of Expression is always a thing for critics to blow it up.

Well I can keep on elaborating on these factors and many more, because its not just a movie but a piece of art. I leave the rest for you to go into. People who love enjoying a piece of art and who have patience to sit through an intense movie – Don’t miss it.

However its not advised for a popcorn and pepsi lover movie goers.



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