Mera Bhaarat Mahaan

Its august 15th again.. The great day on which we got our Independence. Its been more than 50 years.. But still many questions remain unanswered. Many issues still remain not addressed.. NO!! I am not being cynical here.. I still remember my last years post and I still agree on each word I wrote. Ya, its a day of celebration.. It’s a day of feeling proud of what was achieved.  But it also turns out to be a day on which we should ask ourselves many things.. Where this country going?? Where are we heading to?? What is happening around?? Is it acceptable?? Is it not the time we raise??

50 years ago there was One voice, One dream, One goal for which every Indian was waking up – FREEDOM. They were so determined that their families, their future and not even their life looked more important to them. Their strength and unity succeeded. They achieved what was needed and they thought the battle is won. But what was never anticipated is that the real battle had just begun, the battle that was never fought. Every Indian was high on freedom. The “nasha” haunted generations. Till today we are still high on it. We never woke up and we gave up.. 🙁 The leaders became politicians, Corruption leaped in, Bribes started to rule every bill that needs to be passed. Right from the lump of rice that is given to the poor to the dose of glucose supplied hospitals, from the pot of water to the pint of beer, everything everywhere is corrupted.

And we, WE accepted it. We let it become part of our daily life. We just learnt to change the channel to a cricket match, like it’s not our problem of what happens in other channels that we are not watching. ‘Ignorance is bliss”. We laid back, Relaxed, Dreaming of a beautiful life, where my family, my kids live in harmony.  We missed to relate that if the whole of our surroundings start fuming where will we take our MY’s.  We never bothered to clean it up.. Year after Year Independence Day came and went. Ribbons, march-past, flag hoist and same old stories of Gandhi and Nehru..

If we don realise it at-least now and start waking up, and urge ourselves to clean the surrounding, there will be nothing that remains to think later. This Independence Day, every Indian need to THINK. We need to create a DREAM to which we will wake up everyday. We need to figure out a strategy to fight our own battle. We need to choose our TRUE leaders. They might be within us, around us, they need to be found out!! We have to kick the CORRUPTION out of our systems. It should be unacceptable. politicians had to be replaced by true LEADERS and VISIONARIES.  We should unite and we should show that this country has never LOST. Never to the outsiders and never to the insiders. That is the true spirit of INDIA. That is the true way we can pay back all of our grandfathers who sacrificed more than their lives to bring this country to us in the way it is. Now its our responsibility. If we take an oath to honestly push it to what is needed now, that is the true way we are celebrating our Independence day! Lets CELEBRATE, lets RAISE, lets UNITE and lets FIGHT, for the true FREEDOM!!  Till then Independence Day is a dream.. to which each one of us should wake up..

Mera Bhaarat Mahaan..

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