Break Free

One step and we are into the new world, the world of our passions, the world of our dreams, the world we waited and fantasized throughout the journey.

The one step it al takes. One significant step.

Yet we fail in taking the one step, when life gives us ample opportunities. We fail to take the decision to break free out of things that hold us back.

No matter how big we dream, realizing it all begins with the ONE STEP.

Our mind is programmed to resist. It resists the change. It feels comfortable with the routine. It gives itself to the situations very easily. It opposes when we try to breakfree. There lies a powerful tool within the Mind, called the sub-conscious, which always will be driven with true passion. It is a powerhouse within, that we are unaware of. All it takes to take the First step is listening to it. It guides us, giving us all the necessary signals. Our inner heart always speaks for ourselves. It gives all the necessary strength to live up to our dreams. Yet we fail to recognize it. The conscious holds us back. It brings in all the worldly REASON into picture. Gives us enough LOGIC to quit. Shows us the SECURITY we are enjoying with the current life. It suppresses the PASSION to take the step and kills the ABILITY to live up to our DREAM. It conditions the THOUGHTS to give up and move on, there by giving rise to lot of REGRETS in life.

It is not the external conditions that we have to fight to fulfill our dreams, but this comfortable mind. If we let our COMMITMENT towards our dreams to be stronger and the Passion to achieve them to be CONSISTENT, we could overcome all the opposite force that is offered. We will find a way to fight the REASON and discard all the LOGIC and take a great small step towards our dream.  When the regrets are over flown, when the Passion within forces us out of frustration, the moment we feel we can take it no more, we decide to come out. The “Break Free” moment. The break free is the essential first step that we take towards realizing all the dreams, chasing all the passions. We renounce the monotony and get paced up to face ourselves, Challenge our abilities and begin a new journey to fulfill all that we had fantasized.

Friends, Identify your passions. We are all gifted with abilities to perform more than what we are doing now. And the ability increases with time. It is us who fail to let it show off. Let our passions not die as a interest. Let us all take the First Step when life prompts us. Atleast we shall be prepared to take it.



  • vinay Nadiger October 4, 2010 at 23:57

    Hey Macha,
    Really enjoyed reading the post. I have been a regular reader of your blog and enjoy each and every word u write. A new energy starts flowing within. Keep writing, expect some more form u.

    • Suhas August 28, 2011 at 16:31

      Hey Vinay!! Thanks a ton maga.. Had taken a break!! Started writing from this August again.. Wait for updates!! You can subscribe from homepage too!! Feedback is welcome !! drop a word among like minded interested ppl too! Thanks again!!

  • Meera Kashyap August 9, 2011 at 00:23

    Very motivatin 🙂 Luvd it <3
    Feels lyk every word is written oly fr me..suits me a lot.!!! 🙂

    • Suhas August 28, 2011 at 16:28

      Thanks a lot Meera!! if this had bought a lil motivation, my effort is justified!! 🙂


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