Was it just a chemistry?? It was a day way back in 1979, SU had the least of an idea what all future had got for her in the mystery bag, when she first saw VI. Was it his appearance, his charms, his personality or was it something above human perception that grabbed all of her attention and captured the purest of her emotions? It is difficult to logic.

Heart and Soul of my Life

Heart and Soul of my Life

With each passing day feelings grew, developed wings and started flying all over the sky of thoughts. Finally the day came where the bird crossed its borders and landed in the heart of VI. VI let the bird stay, nurtured it with lot of care and affection and met SU to return it back. It was July 15th, 1981. Then he realized it was too late to return as the bird now was no more SU’s own. They celebrated the Union, planned its future and 4 years later took it to the next stage of marriage.

On completing 29 years today, the Care, Affection and Dedication towards each of them has not reduced even a bit and each passing year has made it stronger than the previous year. The day is been celebrated every year, with all the glory and pomp in the heart and with a name from past 3 years.

My beloved dad and mom, you showed me and all of us who know you, the true meaning of word LOVE. And this is the day of most joyous celebration for both of you.

Happy SUVI day!!

lots of luv,

Damn Kid.


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