A legend in the make!!!

Its been quite a while since I watched a telgu movie.. After “Leader” and “Ye maaya chesaave” I had kinda taken a break from telgu movies. It so happens that whenever i feel bored to the core and mind demands some awesom fun and entertainment I watch a telgu movie, preferring it in a theatre. Telgu Industry is one such dedicated place where movies are done with ultimate passion  and offers a lot of entertainment!

Puri Jagannath

Now, I am back home from a second show of “Golimaar” by one of my favorite director Puri Jagannath. This post is dedicated to the amazing director, whose narration I admire a lot. Puri has a lot of big entertainers and box office hits to his tag, unforgettable ones like Badri, Appu (Kannada), Idiot, Amma naana tamil ammayee, Pokiri, Super, Chiruta and many more. The one thing that impresses me in his movies is the way he characterizes each character in the movie. Their role and screen time are taken care that we never feel any character is inserted into it just for the sake of it. All his lead characters will be straight forward in the attitude and will influence the audience.

There will be no beating around the bush in the narration of the story and we never get bored in the second half which is common in nowadays cinema. The story and the comedy line associated with it will be so pleasantly blended that they go hand in hand though it is not much related with each other.

Right from Renu Desai, our own Rakshitha to Ileana, lead actresses in his movies are always special attraction. May it be their attire, attitude, or the importance of their character in the story, it holds a special significance unlike many other telgu movies where they will only be a showpiece. Though much importance is not given to music, most of his movies have awesome numbers with it like Badri, Super, Pokiri etc. His movies will be a perfect blend of Story, twists, masalas and everything an audience expects for. Said all this I feel Puri is a legend in the making of the Telgu cine industry and looking forward to many more good works from him.

Lastly, it was not my idea to write about Golimaar in particular but share a few thoughts about the maker himself. But for people interested here is the link for the complete review of Golimaar.

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