January 31st, 2010

Well its been really long that I have written anything in the blog. The thought was killing me from a week now and finally I am here, writing this. I am sitting in front of my screen with no ideas and agendas as what to write. Probably I might just end up accounting what was I upto these 90 days. 😉

Few things kept me very occupied that I was unable to dedicate some time to the writing. Though the year 2009 is not my personal favourite, as it was not as good as other previous years, I see it as the days of challenge. The days which made me stronger. May it be the case of Layoff from Siemens, or those 6 idle months I spent doing nothing which still has its tinge of effects adhering to me and the next 4 months I spent on working with drupal, though all this had its own disappointments with it, still these are the days of my life I remember throughout for making me understand and accept my shortcomings, had really convinced me to find ways to deal with my complexities that I had gathered in the journey. It was tough and It is passed on now, like any other situation. 🙂

The days after my big day (Nov 3rd) were truly fruitful. I decided finally to work on my domain that Shiv has registered for me and was busy with setting up the site. Lot of reading kept eating up all my time in November and December came with the offer from IBM. The year ended with cheerful days of outing with parents and welcomed 2010 with all eager and hope. In the mean time was working with the setup of my home site and finally it went live on Jan 6, 2010, two days after I boarded IBM ship.

I realized how little I know about Drupal only after I started working with this site. So my journey in learning and exploring it will keep going on and a lot keeps changing in this site (hopefully 🙂 ). Need to shed some more sleep on the theme which is not as good as the one I am using in WordPress.

Well being said so I wish all you guys a pompous and cheerful year ahead. Let 2010 bring all happiness and prosperity into your lives. Keep the CELEBRATIONS going on throughout the year.

luv ya,



  • The Art Traveler January 3, 2012 at 22:46

    Nice write up.. not sure if you noticed how you started writing about your disappointments then your strengths and then finally about celebrations which again is the essence of your blog.
    I guess challenges are god’s way of making us to learn to fly high.
    Good luck in 2012!

    • Suhas January 8, 2012 at 12:49

      Hey Shwetha, Thanks!! well I noticed it only after u mentioned. Guess that just came off in the flow. however it may be because of the attitude I carry towards life. I indeed agree that its only through challenges one will gather strength. 🙂

      And hey nice blog up there!! Keep writing!!


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