Ret 4: My Birthday in Mumbai

November 3, 2008

As every other year, the celebration of Diwali was followed by my big day. It was not longer that November 3rd approached, and just like the previous year, my birthday happened to be in a different state than my home town. And it was so special for the fact that I was with a bunch of my loving friends for the midnight celebration.

It is now November, 2009 and in middle of all the celebritive spirits, I am getting nostalgic about the 2008 birthday in Karghar, amidst friends. The party (supposed to be a surprise :)) was arranged in Vasundhara apartments and after our second show movie (Golmaal Returns) at Big cinemas in Little World mall with CK, Bala and others, I was taken there at 12 midnight sharp. (Hope none of the SISL guys are reading it 😉 , ya.. we were not allowed to be there after 9)

Birthday 2008


There was a nice pastry awaiting my arrival along with all cheers on everyones face. The party began with the usual cake cut, followed by splashing it on each others face, clicking the funny avathars of all and as all birthday parties it ended with the bumps. Then we all ate the fruit salad specially prepared for the occasion and then I received my gifts, which were least expected. (As I don’t get them often 😉 ) A beautiful art piece on friendship (Anitha), A very divine spiritual thought a day table calender with 365 different Lord Ganesha pictures (Sourabha) and a cute li’l Scorpion mug (Bala) and some apparel and loving blessings….(Sorry If I had missed on anything, Well you know my memory 😉 ) (Thank you guys.)

It was around 2 by the time we walked back to Hard rock and the following day there was another cake cut in office from my batch mates. I had walked for more than 5 kms that morning, searching a temple in kharghar (Not very usual of me though) and finally found a Shiva temple where we can actually touch the god and worship . The “Linga” was so much similar to the one at kashi. Then had a breakfast at Dominos and rushed to office.

Once in office the celebration continued , but was unable to take a few calls. The day ended at 11 and was back home to Hard Rock. This birthday was special in many ways as I was independent financially and had decided the amount that I usually used to spend every year on treats etc is to be dedicated to serve some purpose, like for a social cause or any similar thing.

The next morning I woke up to realise, as so every year, that nothing has changed and even growing a year older is just the analogy of numbers. The Birthday, its celebration, those cakes, gifts, hype everything is a single day affair. But following this thought it also occured that though it is so, it is this one day which makes the whole year so special and it is this one day which makes us wait for it to come again next year. It is this one day, which should be taken as a deadline for another target or goal  , and so making each year we pass worthwile.

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  • Suhas December 14, 2009 at 08:12

    This was in my draft since a month. The celebration of Nov 2009 bought all the nostalgic memories of Nov 2008, which found a out break through this post. But it held up me for 1 complete month in posting it as I found it hard to get convinced with the conclusive paragraph that was written. Reframing and rephrasing took all this long and at last it is here. Thank you everyone for your support.
    (It might get updated with a video of celebration very soon!!! Keep watching.)



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