My 23rd Birthday

Nov 3, this 2009 just turned out to be very special. Of all the other usual celebritive reasons in the crown, the feather, that I stayed home with parents for this birthday had made it more special.

A graceful hug from dad and mom’s sweet kiss at 12 in the night , made the moment more cherishing than all the midnight parties and cake cuts. Thanks to my bad health (why because I was home) that I got this opportunity to recreate those cherishing moments just like  old birthdays. 🙂

The day is just a recap of the older birthdays. Early morning visit to my favorite temple with loving parents, My favorite Bisibelebath and Jamoon for the feast and catching up with some friends.

After the wishes and blessings from my dad and mom, attended few calls and replied back to all the fond messages. Later in the night  it was my personal time to really welcome another new year. In this silent hours of the beginning day unintentionally mind swept back to all those days from my past. The joys, disappointments, successes , failures, the love that I have received and the hatred that I have been shown. But a voice deep inside reminded me that in-spite of all this I am still myself. And as always it inspired me to be myself, no matter whatever happens in the coming days.

With this self assessment I moved on to think what resolutions I should take up for this year. Then the fact that I never sticked to any of them taken before de-motivated, but still had listed out a few simple feasible things. Being regular to my gym and keep updating my blog is of the top priority. Others that are in the list for my 24th year are to read more literature, and read it in an organized manner.

Well most important of all is not to forget my only principle -”Celebrate Life”. And yes it is time for celebration again all the year and so dear ones, CHEERS…



  • Chiru YN November 10, 2009 at 05:08

    i wish you realise all your resolutions for this year.Have great year ahead.Cheers.

    • Suhas November 10, 2009 at 07:32

      Thanks a lot Chiru.


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