Ret 2:First Day in Khargar

That day we woke up quite late as usual, and started unpacking the baggage with all the snack stuff that’s left over from the train. There was a knock on the door and the house keeping guys came in and cleaned the whole apartment, changed the bedspreads and folded our towels too.. Then we got a call from Vasundhara (will be using that term quite a lot to address our girls staying at that apartments) that we are needed to assemble there for a breakfast and quick briefing. So we guys left in a hurry and reached there to see a bunch of 100 similar SISLers from different parts of INDIA, mostly flocking according to their regions. All Mallu’s in one place, Goans at one corner and Tamilians at another. We Kannadigas outnumbered them and had mostly grouped ourselves wrt our colleges.  Sandwich was served for breakfast along with Maharashtrain local Vada-Pav, with Coffee and Tea.

The briefing took only 20 minutes and we were told all the usual stuff about maintaining discipline and similar things which we never bothered to follow. But the most wonderful moment for me personally was due at that time. As a usual practice, ever since we gathered there, my eyes were searching for a beautiful face, which just happens very casually without my knowledge all the time. Then at one corner near the main entrance there stood a girl with this amazingly beautiful face, innocent smile and a very composed attitude. She was quite away from the group and was accompanied with one of her friend. The bliss in the eyes caught my sight and attracted me towards her total existence. So all time for next few hours we spent there and the total 3 months my eyes used to search her in each and every gathering and session from Induction programme to dining hall. At that very moment, the only thing I noticed apart from her beauty is the colour of the dress she was wearing.. PURPLE!! And from that day it even became a code for all my friends to tease me with and enjoy the sight of me “Blushing”. Later in the time, in coming days I got to know her name and happen to be a good friend of her too!!. Well but it was my best Crush till date. 😉

Vinod, Harish, Manoj, Ck, Bala, Me, MS, Divya, Sri, Bv, Shreya, Anitha, Napa

Vinod, Harish, Manoj, Ck, Bala, Me, MS, Divya, Sri, Bv, Shreya, Anitha, Napa

After the breakfast and briefing we came back to our rooms, freshened up and our first outing was to the only mall present in Kharghar, “Little World”. It is this place where we used to spend a quarter of our salary every month. Later in the evening we spent time in checking out the city, the Utsav Chowk, The Khargar hillroot, munching some typical Bombay chats.

The Nights at Kharghar was very pleasant than Breaks of the day. We used to sit upon the “Katte” beside the service road and used to chat all the time till 11 or even to the after hours. The Katte session were usually followed by another round of Maharashtrain chats and a great walk to the city centre to drop off the girls and back to our residence. Though our deadline was 12 in Hardrock, I don’t remember a day when I have complied by it. A kulfi while coming back at 12 or 1 used to be the best food since morning. Ya!! Bombay is a 24hour city. J and people live their life there just not by working but also having their part of fun with no compromise. It might not look like fun to many people to live in Bombay, but for me I call Mumbai, “The City of Life”

The next day was our reporting at SIEMENS, the official first day.

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