The city MUMBAI

The city Mumbai, previously known as Bombay, is one of the very famous cities in INDIA. Famous for its own reasons and renowned for its own cultures and beauty. It is The city of business, The city of movies, The city of coasts and THE CITY OF INDIA. Till date Mumbai has been shelter and inspiration for many notable works of art and literature, right from the ancient times to present day SLUMDOG. Mumbai as a city hosts people from different dialects, religion and culture. It also has people from different CLASS of society in its belly. The name Mumbai also remembers us many incidents of the history that denies getting away from the human memory. May it be the communal conflicts of 90’s or the furious bomb blasts or even the recent TERROR ATTACKS. Mumbai, as a city also has another face which is famously known as UNDERWORLD. It has witnessed many DONs, and the System they run like a parallel Government from decades in its heart, which undoubtedly exists even till date and will remain till the city exists. With all this Mumbai is still the city of INDIA where true spirit of life remains and it is still an attraction for every human being, hard to overcome.

I was privileged from SIEMENS (my first career launcher) to visit this beautiful city  with a very comfortable stay in the company’s guesthouse at KHARGHAR (Navi Mumbai) for 3 months which along with the TRAINING programme of the company gave me a wonderful opportunity to explore Mumbai in very much detail.

My attempt here is to register and share those wonderful moments with u all about the different places in and around Mumbai that I have visited. The reading is made more interesting by supporting the facts with some relevant pics.

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  • Anshuman August 18, 2009 at 14:21

    I loved Mumbai too! and especially all the time spent with the SISLers, what good times!

    Keep Blogging mate!


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