Ret 1:Arriving at Mumbai..

We, all the SISLers of SJBIT left to Mumbai together. The journey from Bangalore to Mumbai was by train and had booked our tickets in Udyan Express which took off during the night and landed us in Mumbai the next evening. It was a gang of 13, Me with Manoj the green man, Divya the topper, Vinod the jersey boy, Divya the B V, CeeKay Shwetha, Malli malli Shreya, valli valli Srivalli, anna Arun, Sweet to all Bala, darlingly delicate Sourabha cutest Bhavana and only guy from IS Harish. Only Bhavana opted to fly to pune to her cousins and later joined us at Kharghar (A nodal city of Raighad district, Navi Mumbai where our company was located). There were other SISLers on board too 3 of whom we had met at Wockhardt during our medical check-up, brilliant Anitha, decent Teju, girl from Mysore Varshitha and the unknown guy Rajath. There was also beautiful Lakshmi Napa who joined us in the next station.

Me, Arun, Harish, Manoj, Vinod and Bala

Me, Arun, Harish, Manoj, Vinod and Bala

For me it was my first train journey for such a long distance. I had taken enough books (as usual) to accompany me throughout the journey, unfortunately which dint happen to get opened at all!!!. Our compartment was disjoined from the ones of the girls by another compartment of elders. As you can guess this arrangement was only for the records and in most of the time of our journey, all of us have squeezed ourselves into single compartment playing cards or antakshiri or teasing each other or eating or doing some nonsense…. Luckily the fan and AC and the lights were all working very fine and even the toilets and bathroom were maintained clean which ruined us of our opportunity to turn into ANNIYANs. As a whole, the train journey was very memorable and gave an enthusiastic beginning to our expedition.

We happen to meet different kinds of other people in the train. There was this foreign lady (mostly an American) who has boarded a seat diagonally opposite to ours, spent 90% of her journey meditating and there was a guy from Belgaum who made a point to boost about his family background whenever he narrated an incident.. ya, actually he bugged us a lot ;). I also met this amazing elderly couple, for whom Anitha was very sweet enough to give up her lower berth seat. They gave us all their blessings and well wishes and even entertained us with their story.

Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya...

Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya...

The best moments of the journey was when the train passed through the numerous long long tunnels of Kandala. We all took our positions at the doors of each bogie to witness the scenic beauty and deadly darkness and made a failed attempt to take pics with our cam.

Like all the journeys of life, this journey also came to an end and we finally reached Mumbai. After lot of discussions, assuming it would be nearer to Kharghar, got off the train at Dadar and hired 4 taxis to reach out our destination, by shedding out a thousand on each taxi, which should have actually costed Rs.450. Well that is Mumbai for a fresher. No matter how careful you are and how smart you are this will how you will be welcomed!!.

We reported at SISL helpdesk and were taken to our allotted guest houses. Flats at the very city centrally located Vasundhara apartments for the girls and Hard Rock apartments for us, Gentlemen. We had our first dinner in Mumbai at the “Hotel Three Star”, Kharghar and very nice sleep at our fully well furnished flats. Not in the dreams we had what else was waiting for us in Mumbai or at SISL from the very next day.


  • Sowrabha August 17, 2009 at 22:38

    We were filled with dreams na 🙂
    in fact heavily loaded!! 🙂

    • Suhas August 17, 2009 at 23:42

      very much indeed!!

  • Shwetha August 18, 2009 at 09:24

    Hey tht was nicely knit n put ,way to go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUHAS


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